Award for research on Animal-pathways

Award History

  •  May 2008: Environmental Award by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers – Animal Pathway Research Group, “Research and Achievements on Animal Pathways for Arboreal Animals”
  • June 2010: “Minister of the Environment Award” at the 1st Livelihood Enhancement Corporate Activities Contest – Enwit, Taisei Construction, Shimizu Construction, NTT East Japan, and the Kitami Animal Pathway Project, supported by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Water and Green Planet Conservation Organization, etc.
  • November 2013: Excellent Award at the Nikkei Earth Environment Technology Awards – Animal Pathway Research Group, Nikkei Inc., “Research, Development, and Promotion of Pedestrian Bridges for Protecting Arboreal Small Animals”
  • October 2014: Certified as a collaboration project by the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity Japan Committee (5th round) – Animal Pathway and Wildlife Society (Secretariat: Animal Pathway Research Group), “Development and Promotion of Animal Pathways Connecting Forests and Life (Conservation of Arboreal Wildlife)”
  • February 2015: Selected for the Nature Conservation Grand Award – Animal Pathway Research Group, Japan Nature Conservation Association, “Development and Promotion of Animal Pathways for the Protection of Arboreal Wildlife”
  • March 2015: Excellent Award at the Good Life Award – Environmental Minister’s Award – Animal Pathway Research Group, Ministry of the Environment, “Development and Promotion of Animal Pathway, a Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Forests and Life”
  • April 2015: Special Jury Award at the Global Environment Award – Animal Pathway Research Group, Fuji Sankei Group, “Conservation of Arboreal Wildlife through Research, Development, and Promotion of Animal Pathways”
  • November 2015: Encouragement Award from Kitami City – Animal Pathway Research Group, Kitami City, “Development and Promotion of Animal Pathways for the Protection of Arboreal Wildlife”
  • September 2016: Best Poster Award at IENE 2016 – IENE, Chairman Minato, and others
  • May 2017: Letter of Appreciation from the Keidanren Nature Conservation Council – Animal Pathway and Wildlife Society, Keidanren Nature Conservation Council, Nature Conservation