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Various animal bridges connecting forests and woodlands

Media coverage on Animal-pathways

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 “Do You Know Yamane?”
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Presentations and Papers at Conferences and Academic Societies

March 15, 2010Conference and Academic SocietyEcological Society of Japan57th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan
February 27, 2009Conference and Academic SocietyWildlife and Transportation8th Wildlife and Transportation Conference
December 3, 2008Conference and Academic SocietyTechnical Exchange Meeting of the Japan Environmental Assessment AssociationParticipation: PDF available on the web

For those who support the activities of Animal-pathways

EnWhit produces and sells goods featuring illustrations of arboreal animals. 10% of the sales proceeds are dedicated to activities that protect arboreal animals and their habitats, contributing to the promotion of Animal Pathways.

The illustrations depict animals associated with Animal Pathways and were created by wildlife artist Masayuki Yabunouchi. Your support is greatly appreciated.